Deb Riel 
(Points Of Attention Site Creator)

   Deb Riel was born a sensitive with a strong intuitive ability and a heightened awareness of subtle energies.  She began studying metaphysics at age twelve.

   Professionally Deb Riel has served as an Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Color Reader, Color Therapy Educator, Astrologer, Aura-Soma Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner & Teacher, and Hairstylist & Hair Salon Owner.

   In the early summer of 2001 Deb left behind her well established hair salon in South Florida to begin her second career as an Intuitive Reader in Sedona, Arizona.  A year later she moved to Southern California were she became the first Intuitive Reader on staff at a prestigious five diamond Resort & Spa.

    In 2005 she created her own intuitive color reading system.  Through the years Deb has been interviewed often via newspaper, spa publications, TV, and she has been a guest & guest host on numerous radio shows.

    Now retired and living in Maui with her spiritual partner, Deb is surrounded by beauty and the Aloha Spirit.  She enjoys an ongoing love affair with life, music, nature and the Great Spirit that pulses through all of creation.

   Deb's website PointsOfAttention.com was created as a place for her to share offerings from various sources and perspectives that she feels may be helpful for those who resonate and are re-membering.