Monday, March 11, 2019

Who Am I ~ Deb Riel

   The last few years I have retreated from public life and am now getting the strong call to come forward yet again. As of late so many have reached out to me expressing their fear, pain, frustration, fatigue, sadness, hopelessness and aloneness. Yesterday as I sat with and held space for a dear friend so much came thru me that wants to be expressed on a broader scale.  So I am finally writing it all down and will share segments as I proceed.

Post Note: While sitting with the friend mentioned above I was blessed to witness the light bulb moment occur which brought a spark back into her eyes as the energies broke thru her resistance. This experience in turn sparked me to begin writing.  After I finished the first segment below I visited her and she was literally glowing. As we thanked each other I also gave thanks to the force of grace & love that surrounds us all, connects us and is us. 🙏

Here is Segment One:

Who am I?

   I am everything & everyone and nothing & no one.  This is a sharing of my journey, after nearly sixty earthly years of life, from my perspective.

Why now?

   After being asked so many times to share "my story” over the years, I have only done so in part. I have now been called forth to share the whole of it and in a public manner.  Perhaps in doing so this sharing will inspire, give hope and bring light to whoever may find themselves reading this.

Where to start?

   The first time I truly faced myself and asked that which was greater than I knew myself to be to guide me.  I now call it part of my re-membering and the start of my awakening.  A surrendering to and calling forth my highest self, soul, source, a field of love which has been given many names.  Yes, this is where I shall begin my sharing.

   On a day somewhere in the early 1990’s, in my early thirties, I decided to have an honest assessment and talk with myself as I was relaxing on my bed.  This would be the first of many to follow.

   When I called forth that which was greater than I knew myself to be I admitted that I had been fooling myself into thinking I was happy. I was not.  I was miserable and in a great amount of emotional and physical pain.  I pretended to myself and others that I was fine...truth be told I was not even close.

   I also admitted that I had brought myself to this point with seemingly poor results.  I asked for help and for the awareness to see and follow any signs and guidance that would be of benefit.  From this little yet very honest, open and non-judgemental talk my life soon began to improve in miraculous ways.

   A few days later, while at work and walking across the hair salon, I felt a literal smack on the top of my head much like a book landing on my head.  Though I definitely felt the strong sensation of this invisible force it did not hurt. Suddenly I realized that I had a choice and a say, I was not to be a victim of my life but a willing participant & creator.  I could change the story I was telling myself with my awareness and a shift of my perception.  That within every challenge there truly is a gift.

   And in the same moment another realization came to me about a challenging situation at work that I’d been struggling with.  I had been asking my salon manager to take an action that I felt would resolve my issue to no avail. I suddenly realized I was the one who needed to take action instead of waiting and relying on her to “save” me.  Life changing for me.

   So I approached my salon manager again and instead of asking her I simply stated calmly what action I was going to take to resolve my situation, the same action I’d been asking her to do for me, and she said great.  I made the simple change immediately thereby ending the ability for the troubling issue to continue.

   Amazingly to me, not only did the situation I had struggled with end, within weeks the co-worker involved in this situation took employment elsewhere. He ask me to join him at his new hair salon.  I kindly declined.  So with no hard feelings on either side, not only was the the situation resolved, the main player was removed from my field altogether.  He had served his purpose and played his part well, as had my salon manager, both gifting me an opportunity to take my power back.

   This was the beginning of many realizations and changes to follow that continuely bring me back to the place in myself of peace, love and joy no matter what may temporarily be appearing in contrast.  I now innerstand this place of peace, love and joy as the truth, innocence, grace and purity that we all are but have long forgotten.  This is us and is always there waiting for us to re-member.  Our stories may be different but we are all more alike than we may first realize. We are all greater than we have known ourselves to be.

Next: Life before and after awakening. 

To be continued

Deb Riel 🦋

As with everything take what resonates
and leave the rest.

Thank You 🙏 💖

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* All dates, years and ages are approximate and none of these writings have been professionally edited.