Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Your Voice is Magical ~ Lee Harris

  The voice is magical; it can be seen as the hand of the soul.

  The hands of the body can touch or embrace another; can create in ways that connect you to your community, to your life, to the earth.

  The voice does the same vibrationally. The vibration of your voice and the sounds that emanate from you have an immediate effect on your outer environment. Your unique sound is the signature of your soul. This is why those you love, care for, feel connect to can often be recognized the first time you meet - by your response to the sound of their voice. It is the sound of their soul that your soul is recognizing and in resonance with. ~ Lee Harris

From Your Soul Sound: The Power to Move Mountains 

Originally posted on Lee Harris's Facebook.

Monday, August 8, 2016

MIR Self-Healing Method ~ Mireille Mettes

       * Important Note - If you have burnout, extreme fatigue, disease or chronic disease start with only steps 6 & 8 twice a day for two weeks before doing all steps.

Repeat each of these out loud 3 times while stroking top of hand, twice a day for 4 weeks:
1) Optimize Acidity    2) Detox all Toxicity    3) Detach Father    4) Detach Mother
5) Clear Meridians    6) Supplement All Shortages    7) Balance Hormone System
8) Fulfill Basic Needs    9) Optimize Charkras and Aura    10) Clarify Mission

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Relationships on the Spiritual Path ~ Lissa Rankin, MD

  One of the most common topics people who read my blog email my way is some variation of the question, “I’m on the spiritual path, and it’s affecting my closest relationships. How do I navigate this consciously?”  This article is written in response to those questions. ~ Lissa Rankin, MD