Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Zero Point: The Portal to Infinity and the Soul's Liberation ~ Shannon Port


  The moment between the trigger and our response to the trigger is zero point energy. It is the portal to infinity and the soul's liberation; the sacred womb of creation. We can harness this creative energy to travel to the stars. It's always there, waiting for us, and it feels our every intention and our every pain and suffering. It's here Now; transcending time, past and future.

  There's an energetic feeling/emotion key that unlocks this divine portal. We've come into the chaos to find the bridge to join the worlds. Our journey here is profound and deeply creative. We brought with us all that we need to experience union with our higher self. Some things will settle first, and we'll be magnetized to the atom that opens the stargate in the heart.

  Anger and judgment, were, and still are, part of the journey. The key is in learning how to love and link with each other, rather than fighting with each other in the subconscious realms. The journey is never ending... there is no final destination - it's about the love for self and others along the way. The more we love and work together, the more the human heart heals. It's the divine human heart that will uplift the race and the planet to a new consciousness of unity. When we work for the heart, we begin to realign our ways consciously, and in doing so, support ourself and our loved ones with compassion and brother/sisterhood.

~ Shannon Port